Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I know what you may be thinking.....Summer has come to an end (well, in London anyways) so what is this light summery dish doing popping up on my blog? Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I had lost inspiration to cook....which for some could mean losing the will to live....I hope you know I'm kidding.
Also you may notice from my posts that season doesn't seem to affect what I feel like cooking. If I feel like making stew or dumplings in the middle of summer I must let it be. And if I feel like making bruschetta [pronounced - bru'sketta] come fall or winter, same rules (or not rules, really) apply! It's extremely difficult for me to ignore my cravings.

I'll get on with it now and tell you how I made this bruschetta.....well I wanted it to be simple and traditional with no modern flares, especially since I'd never made bruschetta before. I found a great recipe from a fellow food blogger Elise at Simply Recipes. Her recipe was just what I was looking for, sweet and simple and full of traditional flavour.

I made a couple changes however. We love garlic so I put a 1 small clove extra, and my boyfriend is not a huge fan of anything too vinegary so I put a tad less balsamic.
I prefer my bruschetta a bit chunky so I did the same as Elise and chopped my tomatoes by hand instead of using a food processor.
I will add a little suggestion that if you find the chopped tomatoes are too watery (even after you have removed all the juicy bits from the tomatoes), you can put them into a sieve for a minute.

This is a gorgeous snack. Or you can make it a meal like I have and serve it up with other bits and pieces. I made a side of sauteed parmesan prawns to go with it and it was a brilliant combination!

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Elise said...

So glad you liked the recipe and adjusted it to your taste!