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Nice to meet you! I am Sarah; a Vancouverite, lover of life, love and food. I've always noticed my interest in tasting different foods was more than the average person's, but didn't realize my love for cooking until I was into my 20s. While travelling abroad I struggled to find one of my favourite foods in any shop. I had such a strong craving for pierogi and thought "why don't I just try to make them myself?". And you know what? I didn't do too bad a job! And my passion for cooking had begun! 
My inspiration truly peaked, however, while living in London, UK. Being within such a transient and cosmopolitan city, and exposed to so many nearby cultures, was inspiration overload! I experienced so many new tastes; roquefort, saucisson sec, halusky, macaroons, burek, vianocka, and the list goes on. I began to experiment by reading several recipes to create my own dish. I came up with some real winners, but also some I'd rather pretend never happened.... don't ask. The recipes that did turn out, I would write down. This turned into a problem of papers piling up and recipes getting lost, until I discovered food blogs. What an inspiration! A great way to keep organized, and best of all, a way to share recipes!
So here I am, 'chef' of Taste My Plate. Some of the recipes here are my own creation, and some I tried from cookbooks, magazines, blogs etc., and loved as is. I hope the recipes you find here are inspirational to you. I love feedback so please feel free to leave comments. Thank you for stopping by!

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