Sunday, March 21, 2010

Different City, Different Flavour?

I'm a big food lover! All us food bloggers can testify to that of course. Do any of you ever lose your Mojo in the kitchen? I'm going through that now. I'm not depressed by any means, and I still love food! I know it's deep inside me somewhere and I have every intention of getting it back.
This sort of faze could stem from all sorts of things, from simply not having enough time to distractions of life changes. In my case it could be the latter.
As some of you may know, I'm living in London with my Slovak boyfriend, Marek.
We've been living in this marvellous and high flying metropolis for more than 6 years. We've become Londoners through and through so to speak and in the process enjoyed making friends of all different cultures. This blessing us with the experience of different cultured foods, whether that be learning about them or of course tasting them! And lets not forget the thousands of restaurants in this city! Wow, it's endless. How do I possibly try them all?!
Although we've made this city our home, the time is coming that we shall move on to a place I can truthfully call home.....Vancouver Canada!

That's right readers, I'm moving back home! Back to nature!
Of course being in the city of Vancouver is not living IN nature but there it is a way of life as nature surrounds the city and branches into it,  practically at fingertips' reach! Not only do we have that, but we also don't need to worry so much about missing out on many different cultured foods. Vancouver is hugely multicultural leaving me to feel that we'll be getting the best of both worlds, for what we want personally.
I will miss having Europe at my fingertips though and I will probably have the challenge of getting used to cooking with different foods available (for example all cheeses in Canada must, by law, be pasteurized, causing different flavour). London is the place where I really developed my passion for cooking and therefore have probably developed certain tastes.
The thing I look forward to most in Vancouver is the top quality fish and seafood!! The abundance of fresh salmon and affordable crab! Oh, and clams!! It's not a common shell fish here it seems. I can't find it in my local grocery stores and miss it tremendously!
Of course there are many other things I'm looking forward to eating and cooking with but this was meant to be a short post so I won't drag on with a list.
Our big move takes place this coming summer, and my point to this post was that this, my dear readers, must be the cause to my distraction. My mind has been on other things, taking place of food.....which should be unimaginable, but hey! it's happened.
Rest assured, I will be back on form soon. I love food too much!

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