Friday, November 5, 2010

Chocolate and Love

Woohoo!! I'm so excited to be back!! I've been away for a little while and I apologize. As some of you may know from following my previous posts I was planning a big move. Well, after much painstaking, and what seemed like never ending packing, it's now all complete. I'm officially living back in Vancouver Canada. Of course this does not mean I will not continue blogging with the UK. I would be very happy to share with Canadians and Brits alike.
To welcome myself back I though it would be a great idea to start with one of the world's most loved foods....CHOCOLATE! But not just any chocolate, my new found favourite chocolate called CHOCOLATE & LOVE
I am lucky enough to have been asked by Chocolate and Love to try their chocolate, come up with a verdict and tell you lovely folks all about it. I couldn't taste and write this verdict without my chocolate adoring other half, and here's what we have to say about it (and just so you know I'm still nibbling on the chocolate as I'm writing for you now).....

The flavours represent every chocolate lover’s dream, one that might be richer than sweeter (just how 'real deal' chocolate should be) but the kind that you hope will never end.  It has a very smooth taste that overwhelms your mouth and its wild smell always encourages another bite.  Make no mistake; this brand belongs on the same shelf right next to the best known chocolate brands. The only thing that sparks a difference is the packaging which is not as fancy as of some of its counterparts, but instead it offers simplicity that makes it stand out. 

The earthy look gives it a feel of sincerity which you will believe in once you try it. And if you don't tear apart the packing too quickly to get your mouth wrapped around this decadence you'll find that the inside, so creatively, has some interesting and reassuring information about the sourcing of the cocao. Oh and as you probably guessed... it is organic.
We've tasted 2 flavours of the many to be selected from Chocolate and Love's website. 71% "Filthy Rich" (which you certainly don't need to be to buy this brand of chocolate) was the first, followed by 55% "The Coffee Affair". Both following to the 'T' the description above. I am a huge coffee flavour fan so I will no doubt place this one as my favourite. The coffee flavour beings strong enough for that extra kick, but subtle enough to allow the cocoa the melt on your mouth with ease and seduction.

This is great gift for those loved ones, for your own sneaky nibbling, and of course for many of your up and coming Christmas baking!
I will be hosting a dinner party next week which I most certainly plan to use this chocolate for whipping up a heavenly dessert. Stay tuned!
Don't hesitate, visit their website and order your own CHOCOLATE & LOVE today!


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