Sunday, September 20, 2009

Paris and Cadou's Seafood Spaghetti

We go to Paris as often as possible for 2 reasons.... 1) It's is one of the best cities in the world. Who couldn't agree? It may be cliche but it really is a romantic city. The day to day life of a Parisian is so comfortable with that 'joie de vivre' feeling which melts into you while there. The cobbled stone streets, THE FOOD, flower pots hanging from windows, picnics in the park, THE FOOD, locals on their bicycles with the ever familiar french baguette sitting in the basket, oh! and did I mention THE FOOD?...the list goes on and on of all the stereotypes of Paris. They really do exist and are what make Paris so great.
2nd reason for visiting often - our closest friends live there! Golden!!

We went there this summer (yes, I should have posted this ages ago!) and, as usual, had a memorable time. We ate great food, laughed, rode bicycles through the city, listened to good music, ate great food (the food is always my favourite so deserves to be mentioned twice). On my list of 'must haves' in Paris - crepes and duck. Anyone who visits Paris must try at least these 2 things. You will find the most admirably cooked duck and the most ultimately satisfying crepes you could hope for.

One of the nights we spent in Paris we stayed in for dinner to enjoy a home cooked Seafood Spaghetti made by and Italian Brazilian living in Paris....let me think out loud for a second ~ .... At the dinner table?.....plenty of food and wine (this part is obvious), a Slovak national residing in London, a Canadian national with Colombian/Russian blood residing in Paris, a Canadian national with English blood residing in London, and a Brazilian national with Italian blood residing in Paris ~ ....I love the diverse cultural influence in my life!! The mixing of cultures in our world today is something not to be taken for granted.
I don't know exactly how this dish was made. I must get the recipe. It was delicious! The sauce was out of this world. I will let you, my readers, know if I am able to get the recipe, but for now just take a look. Yummm! The photo doesn't give it justice!

Je t'aime Paris!

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Diana said...

Delicious indeed!! So glad you wrote about us and the screaming good food by Cadou. Can't wait to do more with you 2.