Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What type of mushroom?

A friend of mine recently asked me "how many types of mushrooms are there?". Well, I don't know the exact figure but I'm sure there are probably hundreds! She asked me this because I mention mushrooms in my recipes but never mention what type....whooops! My bad!
But usually if a recipe calls for mushrooms, and doesn't mention what type, surely it means the most common mushroom, which is the white mushroom (or 'button' or 'closed cup' mushroom, [image left]), right?
I should consider that some people don't cook much so they come to these cooking blogs for help.... I will try to be more specific in future.
My friend was also looking at my Chicken, Mushroom and Gorgonzola Pasta and asked "what kind of "mixed mushrooms", and how many?". Again I failed to mention that this can be as many and any kind of mushroom the cook prefers. I am very sorry to those of you who have been asking this question while looking at my recipes, for my lack of detail. My bad!

But lets look at it this way, just to make myself feel better ;) .... since I didn't mention a specific type of mushroom this allows you (the reader) to use imagination and decide yourself, which is exactly what a cook needs! Courage and imagination! :))

On that note, lets have a look at how many mushrooms we have to play with -

Crimini brown mushroom

Portabella mushroom

Shiitake mushroom

Oyster mushroom

Enoki mushroom

King oyster mushroom

This is just to name a very few!

Odd thing for me about mushrooms is that as I was growing up I couldn't stand them! My mother tried to hide them and cut them up really small but I always knew they were there. 'Ew! Yuck! are there mushrooms in here?!' Perhaps I was a bit too dramatic about it. So she had to start cutting them in large pieces so that I could easily remove them. My mother didn't mind though. This meant she could eat them. Mum absolutely loves mushrooms!
Overthe past few years, however, I've come to love mushrooms, and sometimes even crave them! Odd isn't it, how our taste buds change. Mushrooms honestly used to be my most dreaded food.
I'm so happy to be in the mushroom loving world now :)

Please note : all photos come from To read more info about the differences between each of the above mushrooms (such as taste, texture etc) please follow this link

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