Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Food photography ; a new hobby in sight

Not only would I love to go to cooking school but since starting this blog I've realized how great it would be to also have a skill with photography. Food + Photography really go hand in hand, wouldn't you say? Along with scent, what else can turn you on to food? Sight, of course!

A very close friend of mine is a photographer. A very talented photographer at that. I believe I've mentioned her before in a past blog post for Gooey Chocolate Pudding...yup, I just checked and I did. Just check out this amazing photo she took of this dessert

Photo by Monique Napier @

I was having a run through some of my food photos (since there are tones of dishes I never posted...I really should get cracking on those!), and I came across another amazing photo take by Monique for my Fettucini Alfredo with pan fried Scallops and Prawns. I just love what she does with the colours in this photo!

Monique specializes in wedding photography but she certainly ain't bad at the food photography, is she?

Mmmmm, I'm getting hungry..... I'm off to the kitchen. Maybe I'll work on my photography skills :)